We take stock of your rental needs and determine the nature of the project.

As soon as we receive your request (by telephone or e-mail), our account manager will contact you to discuss the details. Working in this way gives us direct insight into the nature of the project.


Site visit

Our account manager supports and advises you on the choice of kitchen units and equipment.

During the site visit, we look at the present set-up and determine the best place to put the mobile kitchen units we deliver. Visiting the site enables us to think with you so that we can identify and solve any problems related to, for example, the delivery or positioning of your kitchen set-up at an early stage. Afterwards, all the project details are discussed with you so we can categorise your specific requirements.



We send you an itemised and detailed quotation based on your rental request.

After taking stock of your rental request, our project team prepares a quotation. Our employees have years of experience in planning temporary short-term and long-term kitchen solutions in different sectors. If preferred, our quotations can be accompanied by a CAD drawing in line with the applicable regulations.

Following the (customary) site visit, the locations for the kitchen units and mains services connections are determined. If preferred, the following points can be included in the quotation:

  • special transport;
  • mains water supply and drainage;
  • electricity connections;
  • hoisting work;
  • tent/hall solutions;

If you rent from Boels Portable Kitchens, you can limit your contractual liability for damage via Boels' first-rate damage waiver scheme.



After we have been given the go ahead, the project team starts work on the preparations.

Our own Technical Services department, ensures that the units and equipment are checked, in a good state of repair, completely clean and that all mandatory inspections have been carried out. If units have to be heated or cooled, the standard heating system is in most cases sufficient. You can, however, also rent an additional air-supply heater or air-conditioning unit from Boels. We also supply on request additional power generators and accompanying cabling. Laying power supply cables, water drainage pipes and foundation work is also coordinated by the project team.


Construction and installation

Boels Portable Kitchens takes care of the on-site construction and installation work for you.

Boels Portable Kitchens coordinates the complete construction of your project from transporting the units to fitting the taps. We can also arrange power distribution, mains water and drainage. Before delivery, we perform a test run and a final check to ensure that everything is in optimum working order.



After the (turnkey) delivery of the units, our site team will explain how everything works.

Boels Portable Kitchens can, if preferred, arrange turnkey delivery of the project. This means that production in the kitchen can start immediately. Our site experienced team will provide your employees with all the necessary explanations and instructions for the rented items to guarantee trouble-free and safe use. We also give them equipment manuals for use on site.


Technical support/after-sales

Boels Portable Kitchens' 24/7 breakdown service.

Boels Portable Kitchens operates a 24/7 breakdown service that you call in whenever you need to. Our help desk team will initially speak to you by telephone to solve the problem or breakdown. If this does not work, we send one of our own service technicians to the site or contact an external local partner to do this. If necessary, any item of equipment can be replaced from our own stocks. It is fundamentally important for you to be able to count on us to solve problems so that you can always carry on with your work. When carrying out long-term projects, Boels Portable Kitchens supervises and monitors annual inspections (during the rental period).