Hot kitchen 6 m

This production kitchen is the perfect solution for anyone requiring a big workspace with room for two kitchen staff. For example, small to medium-sized nursing homes, hospitals, hotels, events or a quick, flexible on-site kitchen. More than 500 meals a day can be prepared in this kitchen, depending on the equipment supplied. It can also be supplied with the kitchen equipment required. This kitchen can be connected up to a preparation kitchen or a dishwasher kitchen. This kitchen has space for 6 cooking appliances and features easy-to-clean partitions, a non-slip floor with a floor gutter and an extractor hood with air intake. The kitchen also comes complete with workbenches, sinks, cooling underneath, boilers, a hand-wash and drain combination with hygiene partition, a fire extinguisher, fire blanket, insect lamp and heating.

code K602/15037
external dimension (cm) approx. 600 x 300 x 300 cm
Weight (kg) 7.500 *
cold water connection (") 3/4
cold water connection (bar) 2,5 - 6
discharge connection Ø 110mm
electrical connection (V / kW)  400 / 105 *
frost monitoring connection (V / kW)  230 / 3,6
number of appliance connections maximum 6 cooking appliances
comment * depends on layout

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